Ibrahim Irfan
Software Developer

About Me
Hi! I'm a software developer studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo.
Work Experience
Thomson Reuters - Software Developer May - Aug '18
  • Automated project infrastructure and deployments for user identity management using AWS CodePipeline to ensure end-to-end continuous integration, saving numerous hours per week.
  • Reduced build time by over 40% by parallelizing API and UI builds, saving over 6 minutes per build.
  • Fixed AWS ECS crashing by caching API calls to reduce container CPU and memory usage by 70%+.
  • Securely developed many significant API endpoints in .NET for user base functionality.

Geotab - Software Developer Jun - Aug '17
  • Led the development of an HR automation system which drastically reduced redundancy inthe company hiring process, saving hours per hire.
  • Significantly increased employee efficiency through creating an accurate resume parser andautomating emails with Google Apps Script

ViceroyMedia - Software Developer Jun '16 - Dec '17
  • Collaborated with a team to develop an Exam Network webapplication for the University of Guelph.
  • Implemented a file system for course materials using JavaScript,including viewing, uploading, and downloading files.
  • Integrated Facebook Login API for over 5000 students to be able to login to the application.