Ibrahim Irfan
Software Developer

About Me
Hi! I'm a software developer studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo.
Work Experience
Thomson Reuters - Software Developer May - Aug '18
  • Coming soon...
Geotab - Software Developer Jun - Aug '17
  • Led the development of an HR automation system which drastically reduced redundancy in the hiring process for one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.
  • Significantly increased company efficiency through creating an accurate resume parser and automating emails and calendar events with Google Apps Script.

Freelance - Web Developer May '17 - Present
  • Directly coordinated with clients to develop websites for their small businesses.
  • Created a website for a consulting firm, ITEE Group Canada, to streamline their client-based service using HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.

ViceroyMedia - Software Developer Jun '16 - Feb '17
  • Collaborated with a team to develop an Exam Network web application for the University of Guelph.
  • Implemented a file system for course materials using JavaScript, including viewing, uploading, and downloading files.